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A Leading provider of adult & kid trikes.

Trikes are not just for kids anymore and they are an increasingly popular means of travel. That is not to say kids can't enjoy them too! We have a superb selection of Trikes available to purchase securely online in our shop categories.

A variety of three wheeled bicycles are available and people are continuing to see the benefits of using them as opposed to the traditional two wheeled bicycles. They have great support and are particularly great for those who have trouble with back pain or balance.

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Benefits of Trikes

Trikes have many advantages over the traditional two wheeled bike. Their extra wheel makes them much more stable so, when taking a sharp corner, there is no need to stick your feet out to keep upright. The trike will take the corner without tipping over. There are also aerodynamic benefits.

Recumbent trikes are the record holders for speed around the world. The positioning of the body in this type of trike allows for faster pedalling as the back is used to power it as opposed to the legs.

Trikes are also safer in many respects when compared to bicycles. If you do fall off, you will land on your feet instead of your head like you would with a bicycle. These are just some of the benefits but there are many more to add to the list.

Kid's Trikes

A trike is usually a child's first bicycle and allows them to learn to ride a bike without worrying about their balance. Trikes for kids are relatively cheap and can be purchased to suit their preferences. There are a variety of designs which suit both girls and boys. Trikes can also be adaptable to suit kids' age and they can be fold away for easy storage.

There is also the option to choose a trike which has removable wheels, therefore kids can gradually gain confidence riding on trikes and bicycles. Teaching your child to ride a trike is a great bonding experience.

In addition, trikes can be pedal powered or motor powered. Three wheeled scooters can be a safer option than the classic two wheelers. There are even trikes which are designed especially for children with disabilities. These can be steered from the back or can be hand steered.

Adult Trikes

There are a variety of trikes for adults including the ergonomic recumbent trike which has become increasingly popular due to its speed and comfort. This has a raised back which allows you to push the pedals using your back generating more power. They are eye catching and ideal methods of transport and can be taken around your local park or up a mountain.

Their gears allow you to travel slowly up hills or mountains without fear of falling off. There are also scooter trikes and motorcycle trikes which have the added benefit of no cycling.

It is not just home built motorcycles or obscure brand names which design these motorised trikes either. Harley Davidson design some fantastic motorcycle trikes. You can also choose whether you prefer two wheels at the back or at the front.